Gestalt Facilitation

In this present day world, alienation from self and others is widespread. The human heart yearns for contact, and above all for genuine dialogue. Each of us yearns to be met, to be seen, to be heard and understood in our fullness and in our vulnerability.

A Gestalt Councellor listens deeply, hears and responds respectfully without judgement. The safety and trust that follows in such a healing relationship, creates the container for healing.

Quantum Energy Training (QEC)

QEC was developed by Dr. Salmon as a way of addressing negative thinking at the subconscious level of the mind. Based in neuroscience, QEC works on the premise that we have an innate ability to heal ourselves.

Through our limiting beliefs we create blockages mentally and physically, which interfere with healing. If we remove the blockages and replace them with positive and empowering beliefs, the body has an opportunity to heal itself. Traumatised individuals often limit their thinking with issues of trust and low self-worth, two of many aspects we can work with using QEC. The process is simple, easy to do and immediately effective.

We do not perform to our capabilities, we perform to our beliefs.
If we think we are less than we are, we will be.

These beliefs are mostly out of our awareness, in the subconscious mind. With QEC, we access the limiting thoughts and change them at the subconscious level, freeing us up to be in alignment with our conscious goals. The process is immediate and permanent.

Levels of the Mind
The conscious mind operates 5% of the time at the equivalent computational speed of 4000 bits/second

The subconscious mind operates 100% of the time at the equivalent computational speed of 4 billion bits/second

Source: Dr. Bruce Lipton, “Biology of Belief”
Most talk therapies deal with the conscious mind. However, to effect deep and lasting change, we need to address core issues at the subconscious level.

Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE)

“All addictions have their roots in childhood trauma. Ask not why the addiction, but why the pain?” (Dr. Maté, 2017)

TRE is a non-pharmaceutical, natural, safe and simple exercise that switches on the tremor or shaking mechanism in the body. Tremoring alleviates the toxic build-up of stress chemicals and muscular tension. When performed regularly and facilitated by a certified practitioner over 3-4 months, the autonomic nervous system returns to homeostasis or balance. The client has a de-stress tool for life with which to maintain physical and mental health and wellbeing. TRE has been used successfully in stressed and traumatised South Africans for 9 years, across all ages and communities.